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Ambani Book Registration, launched in 1993, has evolved into a prominent online betting platform in India. Despite its popularity, several drawbacks prompt discerning gamblers to explore alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ambani Book, established in 1993, is now a major online betting site in India.
  2. Despite its popularity, other bookies like PlayUp and Neds offer better odds and customer service.
  3. Originally bought by Matthew Tripp in 2005, Ambani Book underwent ownership changes and is now part of Flutter Entertainment.
  4. Ambani Book offers online racing and sports betting options, but competitors often provide better fixed odds.

Ambani Book's Evolution

Matthew Tripp's acquisition of Ambani Book in 2005 marked a turning point, eventually leading to its sale to Irish company Paddy Power for $338 million. Subsequent mergers and acquisitions resulted in the formation of Flutter Entertainment, with Ambani Book maintaining its presence in India.

Ambani Book Sign Up for Racing Online

Navigating Ambani Book's website or app reveals a variety of racing markets, though competitors often provide better fixed odds. While the platform covers smaller racing events, major races feature a broader array of betting options.

Ambani Book and Sports Betting

True to its name, Ambani Book seamlessly integrates sports betting into its offerings, spanning both Indian and international leagues. From cricket to unconventional markets like elections, Ambani Book caters to diverse sports enthusiasts.

Features of Ambani Book Online

  1. Cash Card Convenience: Ambani Book's Cash Card simplifies monetary transactions.
  2. Informative Blog: The Ambani Book Blog offers event previews and tips.
  3. Live Betting and Multis: Ambani Book facilitates diverse betting experiences with live betting and multis options.


While Ambani Book boasts various features, discerning bettors may find more favorable odds and superior customer service with competitors like PlayUp and Neds. The platform's popularity stems more from marketing than consistent customer satisfaction, making it crucial for users to explore alternatives tailored to their preferences.

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